Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Cheating on Black Creek

Well, I did go to Black Creek Park last weekend, I didn't get any pictures though. It was too cold to work the camera. I saw a couple of birds that I tried to zoom in on, but they flew off before I could get them in view. And since I was looking at the camera's lcd screen instead of at the birds, I don't even know what they were. Didn't have my glasses, though so the camera was my best shot at i.d.

It was cold and clear, and I didn't have fresh snow to stomp through this time. The path was trodden smooth, melted and refrozen, and kind of slick. About all I can say about my walk is that I made good time. I had too much going on in my head to look around and pay attention to things around me. The walk didn't even clear my mind.

The kids had this past Monday off from school and we drove out to Mendon Ponds Park. There was one trail I wanted them to see, because you can do this....

Sam was a little freaked out by the prospect of birds (even chickadees) zooming in to land on him, but Claire managed to get a couple to visit...

There were also a number of obese squirrels along the trail, cleaning up spilled birdseed. They didn't eat out of your hand thank goodness.