Saturday, March 13, 2010

making stuff

I'm getting kind of discouraged by being the halfhearted curator of a mess of unfinished projects. For the most part I'm a process person rather than a product person, and I get as much satisfaction out of starting something new and learning new techniques as I do from having a finished craft. But lately it's getting ridiculous...

So I've been inspired and motivated by a group of folks that keep the creative juices flowing by finishing a thing a day. The project lasted through the month of February. Even the idea of keeping it up for the shortest month of the year makes me hyperventilate a little, and trying to join them seems to me to be a recipe for failure and self-loathing. But I could certainly step up from where I'm at now -- making a thing a week would be reasonable.

So I've resolved to try to finish one thing a week. That way I can still have unfinished long-term projects lying around, and I can still start new projects, as long as something gets finished every week. This week's project is an apron that I cut out of a vintage tablecloth last summer, and it's been languishing in the top drawer of the dining room buffet ever since. I've been sticking with half-aprons til now, so it was nice to do one with a bodice and pockets. The print seemed to lend itself to the project as well. I like how the neck strap has a button closure, too -- that was a neat little touch.

Here's the proof:


At 5:25 PM, Anonymous Marti your SIL said...

Danielle, I truly love the apron -- I do however feel it's a bit bare without the pearls, June....
Hope you had a nice Easter!

At 7:09 PM, Blogger katefear said...

I'm still waiting for those pearls... I'll just accessorize with a Red Sox cap til I get some.


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